Curvy Fashion Sense on a Budget

Shopping for clothing as a plus size woman has its challenges. Where does a sophisticated, fashion forward plus size woman on a budget find clothes that fit her style and personality? My answer to that question-everywhere!  Thrift Stores, consignment shops, department stores, eBay, you name it; I’ve probably shopped there.  Of course, this kind of shopping takes some patience. But I figure, why not spend a little extra time to find that perfect skirt, blouse or perfect pair of jeans that fit my bum just right.  I’m worth it and I owe it to myself to look good and feel good about what I’m wearing.  I guess that’s why my style seems a bit bohemian because I’m always on the look out for pieces that are unique and sometimes vintage. Also, they must be on sale.

Once you get the hang of this kind of shopping you will find that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to look good, even if you are a plus size diva!

Here are a few tips to help you spruce up your wardrobe for less:

1. Purchase Basic classic pieces. Whether you purchase, slacks, skirts, blazers or dresses, remember that classic styles endure for a long time and could be paired with many other items, extending your wardrobe.

2. Purchase clothing out of season: Attempt to get to your department store at the time when clothing and accessories are marked down considerably. Look for 30 to 50 % off fashions. The downside is that you may not get the best selection as you are only buying what is left over, but you can get some great deals anyway.

3. Buy only what you really like. There is a tendency when bargain shopping, to buy clothing just because it has been marked down considerably. You then end up with a closet full of clothing that you realize you don’t really like and you may end up giving them away. This is not smart shopping. The budget shopper is looking for good quality clothing and style at a reasonable price.

4. Copy it. If it is designer clothing you like, you can dress in style without breaking the bank. There are online shops that offer copies for much less. Try to find low cost versions of designer clothes in department stores or online. All you really need is a genuine look-a-like to be in style.

5. Try before you buy: Even if you are buying fashion for $5.00 as opposed to %100, you still need to ensure a proper fit. Often when we buy at bargain prices we are not so concerned about fit because we somehow think that if it doesn’t fit there is no great loss. However, a budget shopper should count the cost of buying unwanted clothing that are not the right fit, color and style.

6. When you can, splurge on a fly pair of shoes and a nice handbag: Let’s face it; nothing polishes up an outfit and heightens the spirits like a great pair of shoes and a nice handbag. 

“I don’t expect you to be a fashion person. What I do expect you to accept responsibility for is how you present yourself to the world.  It’s the semiotics of clothes:  The clothes we wear send a message to the world about how we want to be perceived.  So accept responsibility for that.”

– Tim Gunn, Project Runway

Happy Shopping!!!