Pretty All Under, that’s who I am.  A GenX’er mom, G-momma, daughter, auntie, niece, TeeTee, etc.. A free spirited, bohemian-style High Priestess coming out of hermit mode…lol!  Transmuting negative energy and all things of the like into fuel. Fuel that I use to press forward into this new phase of my life.  Dining with Spirit, intimate moments shared with my Divine.  I see myself through His eyes.

I am a lover of music, the arts, fashion. I’m a bit of a tech geek; always experimenting and learning something new.  I started this blog as an information source for women like me; thick, voluptuous and curvy and about getting her bag. GenX women entering their IDGAF years. I also created this site to have a platform and place where we can share as a collective our goals, dreams, life experiences and challenges. Let’s share, transcend and be inspired to realize our true power and highest potential together.

Thank you to my soul tribe, my family who have loved me unconditionally through many obstacles. You push me and challenge me to stretch further, reach higher.

Love you all forever. 

So many times I defined my pride through somebody else’s eyes.. Then I looked inside and found my own stride… I found the lasting love for me…If I am searching for my spirituality passionately…I MUST begin with ME!There’s just me, One is the Magic Number!

One is the Magic Number, Jill Scott