Self Limiting Beliefs Have No Place Here

What is a self limiting belief?  Well according to, an online encyclopedia, it is defined as:  Any assumptions, perspectives or convictions that are holding an individual back from reaching his or her full potential. They can also include ‘fixed ideas’ where a thought functions as a ‘truth’ that the person automatically acts upon.

Often times our self limiting beliefs about ourselves are born out of our negative experiences and lack of positive nurturing as a child.  As we view our lives through the filter of these beliefs we are tricked into believeing that true happiness, love and success is for “other” people and not ourselves.  These beliefs keep us from realizing our true power and value.

Aside from ourselves, the people that are most affected by our self limiting beliefs are our love ones.  In our relationships these beliefs cause us to hold back and operate in a manner that hinders cohesiveness and progress.  New love should be given the opportunity to blossom and grow uninhibited by our past negative experiences and coping skills created from past relationships.  This was a tough lesson that I had to learn myself.  After receiving the following message from my man I had to make a decision as to whether or not I was going to continue to allow these coping skills and beliefs to continue to take presidence in my life:

     Transition reveals our strengths; for we reach places that demand more from us, it also exposes the self limitations of our back story.  The feelings of those who dare to love us are often wounded by our coping skills from past experiences.  If transformation and real love is to survive our back story must die.

After reading this message I realized that the self limitations and coping skills that I was operating in would sabotage my relationship and cause me to lose the one love that I had been searching for all of my life…not happening!  My reply and affirmation was this:

     No longer will I rely on my coping skills from past experiences. You have dared to love me and view me to be as pure as the driven snow.  In turn I have to view you as the same.  A clean slate is what you deserve, just as you have given me.  My back story has been slain and laid to rest because this transformation and real love that I have experienced with you thus far must have room to continue to grow and flourish….never you, never I, always us.

In order to overcome these beliefs we must understand that we are not our self-limiting beliefs and our self-limiting beliefs are not who we are. They are a distorted view of who we are and what we have the potential to be and achieve. They are much like a fairground mirror, in which our reflection is a grotesque distortion of ourselves.

Free yourself….